A rollover car wreck occurs when a vehicle rolls onto its side or roof during a collision. The car could roll multiple times depending on the force of the collision, inflicting significant physical injuries to the driver and passengers. While most rollover car crashes typically involve only one car, they can also occur when two or more vehicles collide. These wrecks often happen because of speeding, defective tires, or poorly maintained roads.

Rollover crashes are more likely to cause fatalities than other types of car accidents, especially when occupants are not wearing seatbelts. Determining what to do after a major rollover accident is overwhelming.

Consulting with a seasoned trial attorney when you are involved in a rollover car accident in Sarasota is wise. Regardless of how the crash occurred, you deserve to explore your legal options and collect payment for your injuries to help you and your family move forward.

How Do Rollover Vehicle Crashes Occur?

Most rollover accidents happen with cars with high gravity centers, such as SUVs or pickup trucks. These vehicles are also more likely to roll over because they have a relatively narrower distance between the right and left tires.

Rollover car accidents occur for many reasons. An object could cause the car to “trip,” such as a curb, guardrail, or uneven pavement. Or the driver could turn too quickly and roll. Unsafe road conditions, distracted driving, equipment error, and design flaws also contribute to rollover vehicle crashes. While the reason for the collision can affect liability, a Sarasota attorney at Dannheisser Injury Law can handle a rollover car crash case by assessing the factors that contributed to the accident.

Common Injuries

Since drivers and passengers are likely to be ejected from the car in rollover vehicle collisions, the most common wounds include internal injuries, broken bones, fractures, brain injuries, and head and neck injuries. Unfortunately, nearly half of rollover crash fatalities occur when riders are ejected from the vehicle, and around 75% of those ejected from the vehicle do not survive.

How to Build a Successful Case

Florida reformed tort litigation follows the comparative negligence model, meaning that if a jury finds that you are more than 50% at fault for an accident you are not allowed to recover any monetary damages. If your jury finds that you are at fault, but less than 50% at fault, the court will reduce your total financial recovery by your percentage of fault, so long as it is below 50%. It is important that you have a Sarasota injury attorney, like the injury attorneys at Dannheisser Injury Law, prepared and able to prove at your trial that you are not more than 50% at fault.

In any given trial in Sarasota, multiple parties could be found liable for a rollover vehicle collision. For example, a car manufacturer may be liable for negligent design flaws while another driver is concurrently at fault as the initiating cause of the accident. Design flaws could include seatbelt failure, door lock failure, an unsafe gas tank, or improper airbag deployment. Government entities could also be liable when road conditions contribute to the accident.

When considering who to sue for a rollover car accident it is important that you consult an experienced Sarasota lawyer like our attorneys at Dannheisser Injury Law familiar with the intricacies of legal liability.

Contact a Determined Attorney in Sarasota After a Rollover Car Accident

When facing a mountain of unexpected medical bills for car accident-related injuries, hiring an attorney to handle your case could seem out of reach. However, if you or a loved one were injured in a rollover car accident, consulting a lawyer could ensure your case is successful. Contact our hardworking trial attorneys today to schedule a free, thorough case review.

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