Whether you’re headed to the beach or the grocery store, you must park when you get to your location. If a motorist slams into you when you are trying to find a parking space, wheeling a shopping cart, or backing out of a parking space, call the dedicated car accident attorneys at Dannheisser Injury Law to learn what rights you have after parking lot accidents in Sarasota.

Our skilled lawyers are experienced in handling all aspects of auto collisions and could file a claim on your behalf. When you hire our attorneys, we will perform a detailed investigation to learn all the facts of a case and determine who is liable.

Types of Parking Lot Accidents

It is essential to determine how a parking lot accident occurs because there must be evidence of negligence to file a claim. These types of accidents could include two cars crashing into each other as they try to simultaneously pull into a parking space, hitting a pedestrian while entering or leaving the parking lot, or pulling forward into an opposite parking spot instead of backing out.

These accidents are compounded when several seconds delay a motorist from reacting to danger because they are distracted by talking or texting on a cell phone. The attorneys at Dannheisser Injury Law could help an injured motorist navigate the legal landscape after parking lot accidents. Our Sarasota team will use their resources and expertise to discover exactly what led to the parking lot wreck so that proper compensation is awarded. If necessary, our attorneys are experienced at taking a case to trial and will not hesitate to do so if it is the best option.

Injuries Sustained in Parking Lot Accidents

Many people think of parking lot accidents as fender benders, but they could be catastrophic and lead to a wrongful death. If pedestrians are involved, catastrophic injuries could include those to the brain, skull, neck, and spine. Depending on whether two motorists crash head-on or in a T-bone, whiplash, neck, back, and knee injuries are possible, too.

Aspects of a Successful Claim

Our attorneys understand the physical, emotional, and financial stress you are under from a parking lot collision. You may also be sustaining unexpected expenses from medical bills or other costs. However, we are a small law firm that delivers significant results. Our attorneys dedicate time to building each case to ensure its success, whether we negotiate with insurers or litigate in civil court. For example, many parking lot accidents are on private property in Sarasota. Owners may also be liable if the lot was not constructed with proper traffic flow or inadequate lighting, which makes it impossible to maneuver at night.

Modified Comparative Negligence

The state’s massive tort reform resulted in several changes to how personal injury law works, including in Florida Statutes § 768.81, which changed how fault is allocated. Injured parties are subject to comparative fault rules, which allow them to recover monetary damages if they are not more than 50 percent responsible for the accident. Jury awards are reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to the injured party.

Our Sarasota Attorneys Can Help You With Your Parking Lot Accident Claim

Many motorists may believe parking lot accidents rarely cause serious harm because everyone drives slowly. However, this is not true, and severe injuries can occur. Knowing what to do after you are hurt can be confusing, but contacting our well-practiced attorneys at Dannheisser Injury Law is crucial for help.

We use a variety of sources to build and win your case, including accident and medical reports, parking lot surveillance tapes, witness and expert witness testimony, and cell phone pictures. We can recreate the scene to highlight the other party’s negligence. Call our firm today for an initial consultation for compassionate and experienced representation after parking lot accidents in Sarasota.

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