Taxis and other rideshare options are a common way of travel. Most people trust they are in good hands and will reach their destination safely when riding in taxi cabs. However, as with any other motorist, there is a risk of sustaining an injury in a collision while riding as a passenger. Contacting a skilled car accident attorney to understand your available options for pursuing compensation is critical.

When negligence causes crashes, the at-fault party will cover the damages as with any other wreck. The primary challenge when taxicab drivers are involved in these crashes is determining the liable party, which is often more challenging. However, the hard-working lawyers at Dannheisser Injury Law will work tirelessly to advocate for you after a taxi accident in Sarasota.

Causes of Taxicab Collisions

Taxicab drivers earn a living by transporting passengers. The more customers they have each day, the more money they make. Therefore, they may often be in a hurry and could make reckless decisions. Some possible crashes could include reckless or aggressive driving, such as unsafe lane changes or weaving in and out of traffic, distracted or fatigued driving, or ignoring traffic signs.

An attorney skilled in cases resulting from taxi crashes in Sarasota understands the steps that must be taken to recover damages. Our attorneys at Dannheisser Injury Law could guide the injured party through this process and assess any injuries so that the full value for damages can be recovered.

Determining Liability

Determining who caused the taxi accident and proving liability is crucial for collecting a settlement after traffic accidents in Sarasota. Some of the potential parties who may be at fault for taxicab collisions include:

The Cab Driver

When collisions occur because the driver is speeding or distracted, the driver is liable for the damages that result from their carelessness. The case may include police officer reports, copies of traffic violations, if applicable, and witness statements to prove fault and win a settlement.

The Taxicab Company

Taxicab companies must ensure they employ drivers with good driving histories and receive adequate training. When wrecks happen because the driver did not have the necessary skills or is unfit for the position, their employer could share liability.

The Taxicab Manufacturer

Sometimes, automobile collisions happen because of defective parts, such as brake failure or flawed seatbelts and safety equipment. In those cases, the vehicle manufacturer could be named in the claim for damages.

Understanding Modified Comparative Fault

State civil laws follow a modified comparative fault rule for cases where the person seeking relief or other third parties share responsibility for the crash and resulting damages. Florida Statute § 768.81 advises that those seeking compensation after a car wreck are eligible, even when they are partly responsible if they are under 50 percent liable.

However, the court diminishes the amount of damages available to the injured person by the percentage of fault they are responsible for causing. A practiced attorney could review the applicable statutes following a taxi crash and help calculate the estimated damages under the modified comparative fault rule.

Speak to a Sarasota Attorney About Taxi Accidents Claims Today

You have every right to expect taxicab drivers to be well-trained and trust that they will safely get you to your destination. When their negligence causes a crash, leaving you with bodily harm and property damage, personal injury laws allow you to seek a settlement to hold them accountable.

While the cases are similar to vehicle-related suits, determining liability is complex. A diligent lawyer from Dannheisser Injury Law who is skilled in handling cases from taxi accidents in Sarasota could help you through the claims process and advocate for the damages you need and deserve. Contact our firm today to set up an initial consultation.

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