When you are injured in a bus accident in Sarasota, you could be entitled to compensation from the parties responsible for causing it. Bus accidents can be especially dangerous to passengers and others on the roadway and often extend beyond simple insurance claims for personal property damage.

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The Increased Dangers of Bus Accidents

The injuries from bus accidents are typically more severe than other motor vehicle collisions. Buses are larger than other vehicles on the road, meaning a stronger impact, especially when they collide with smaller cars, cyclists, or pedestrians.

Additionally, buses often carry many passengers who are more vulnerable than other people on the road: They might not be wearing seatbelts or standing rather than sitting. Common injuries resulting from bus accidents involve broken bones, TBIs, and spinal cord damage. A skilled attorney in Sarasota understands bus accident claims and will gather the evidence needed to prove the severity of a person’s injuries.

Who is At Fault for a Bus Wreck?

Assessing liability immediately after a commercial vehicle accident can be challenging. Multiple parties could bear fault, making it difficult to know who is responsible for compensating the injured person. For example, the negligent actors could be other drivers on the road, the bus driver, or another party.

Depending on the circumstances, the driver’s employer could be at fault since Florida law extends vicarious liability to bus companies when employees act negligently on the job. This type of liability could also exist in cases where an employer is negligent in hiring a driver. For example, if the employer failed to conduct a proper background check. Vicarious liability is a common issue in bus accident cases because most buses operate for the benefit of a private company or local government.

Collecting Compensation

Compensation for injuries related to a bus wreck could be available through the at-fault party’s personal or commercial insurance policy; however, insurance coverage is not always enough to compensate the injured person for their losses. Filing a lawsuit could be necessary in these cases to obtain a judgment for personal liability. The deadline to file this civil action in Florida is two years under the state’s statute of limitation period.

The court and jury could award the following types of compensation to an injured person following a commercial bus crash:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering (past and future)
  • Loss of consortium
  • Punitive damages
  • Mental anguish (i.e. PTSD)
  • Loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life

While Florida has few limits on the amount of damages available to those injured in bus accidents, the state imposes strict rules on comparative fault. Under Florida Statute 768.81(6), an injured person who is more than 50 percent at fault for causing their own injury in a bus accident will not be able to receive compensation from the other liable party. With the help of an experienced Sarasota lawyer, a plaintiff can prove that another party who caused the bus collision is responsible for their injuries.

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