Not only can dog bites leave you or someone you love with severe and painful injuries and disfigurementst they can also take a significant toll on mental health, especially in young children. Unfortunately, due to inexperience, many dog bites involve children.

Florida law provides that the owner of the dog that attacks in bites another is liable for all damages and injuries suffered by the person bitten including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and compensation for disfiguring scars.

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Common Injuries From Animal Bites or Attacks

Although dog bites are common, those leading to life-threatening or fatal injuries are less common. Frequently dog attacks leave people with injuries that may not heal without medical intervention. The consequences of severe bites can have a lasting impact on someone’s life.

Common injuries seen in dog bite lawsuits include:

  • Severe emotional distress, including post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Severe lacerations, abrasions, cuts, or bruises leading to infection or disease
  • Broken bones or traumatic amputations
  • Facial scarring or eye damage could cause blindness or permanent changes in vision
  • Head or brain injuries

Even minor cuts and lacerations could lead to severe infection with life-threatening consequences. Therefore, anyone bitten or attacked by a dog must wash the wounds immediately seek medical attention. We also recommend that law enforcement or animal control authorities be immediately noticed of the attack.

If someone experiences symptoms of infection, they should seek help from a professional healthcare provider immediately. A dog attack attorney in Sarasota could use their medical records as evidence in a legal claim.

Strict Liability for Dog Bites or Attacks

While much of the country follows a “one bite rule,” Florida regulations adhere to a strict liability rule for damages from dog attacks or bites. Per the instruction given by Florida Statutes § 767.04, the owner is responsible for the damages when someone is attacked in a public place or legally enters a private property. They must pay for medical care and other losses regardless of whether the animal has a history of aggressiveness or vicious behavior unless the evidence demonstrates that the injured person was trespassing or provoked the attack.

Recoverable Damages

Persons injured by dog attacks are entitled to many damages including monies for:

  • Medical costs or ongoing treatment, including physical or psychological therapy
  • Lost pay or benefits
  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological or emotional distress
  • Disfigurement

Persons sustaining  severe injuries will likely suffer the impacts of that attack for many years if not the rest of their life and are entitled to recover monies commensurate to the depth and extent of their losses.

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