Not all commercial facilities do what is necessary to provide the security protocols and personnel to ensure that their customers and clients are safe in the establishment.

When you or someone close to you have suffered injuries due to inadequate safety measures, a Sarasota injury attorney knowledgeable in the required security standards can help you recover the monetary compensation to make up for your injuries and losses caused by negligent security acts and omissions. Reach out to the trusted local team at Dannheisser Injury Law today to learn more.

What Is Negligent Security?

Security is essential to many businesses. Safety personnel are at hospitals, banks, nightclubs, and, in some areas, grocery stores. Property owners often provide security to promote a safe environment and adhere to their duty to care for individuals visiting or working in their place of business. These officers are sometimes direct hires by the owner or contract employees working for a security firm.

Not everyone hired maintains the requirements for the role. Security officials could engage in negligent conduct by not responding quickly to emergency situations directly or by failing to contact law enforcement for assistance. One typical example of safety officials failing to care for patrons is when a fight occurs at a concert, and security personnel are not close to intervene.

Liability for Negligent Hiring Practices

With the security officials generally being agents of the business, the company could be held liable for their actions or inactions for either negligent hiring or negligent supervision. Careless hiring happens when the place of business—or contract security firm—is aware that the applicant does not have the required skills for the job but still decides to hire the person or fails to run a background check to ensure they do not pose a threat themselves or to the safety of guests on the property.

An experienced Sarasota attorney from Dannheisser Injury Law can provide a one-on-one case assessment for those hurt at a business or other type of property because of inadequate safety personnel.

Bringing a Negligent Security Lawsuit

Under Florida law, these companies have a duty to provide reasonable security for the protection of their invitees. When persons were injured as a result of their failure to meet these standards of care, you are entitled to compensation for the resultant injuries and damages. A company producing a concert at a large event stadium should likely employ more than two security guards to keep thousands of patrons safe. A hotel in an area of town with a history of prime activity similarly is on notice to afford appropriate security protocols and personnel. Negligent security cases are often not straightforward, and establishing the failure of the responsible facility to provide reasonable security can be a complicated process requiring the help of dedicated trial attorneys experienced in trying negligent security cases.

Our skilled Sarasota attorneys can help those who are hurt due to inadequate security measures and maximize their ability to recover compensation for losses, including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Contact a Sarasota Negligent Security Attorney for Trusted Guidance

When you sustain injuries because a property or business owner had insufficient security, you have the legal right to hold the responsible parties liable for your losses. You are more likely to have a successful outcome to your claim when you have the assistance of a dedicated Sarasota negligent security lawyer on your side, and our capable team is prepared to advocate on your behalf in and out of the courtroom. We have a history of success in these types of cases and are available to answer any questions for you. For more information, call us for free consultation, send a chat through our website, or stop by our office at Dannheisser Injury Law.

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