Medical malpractice occurs when doctors or other healthcare providers act negligently, causing patients to suffer severe injuries or illnesses; however, not everyone who is unhappy with the outcome of their medical care has grounds for pursuing a lawsuit. Instead, a patient must have substantial evidence proving that the physician who treated them failed to meet the standard of care, resulting in their injuries or illnesses.

These cases are difficult to pursue without the assistance of an experienced civil claims attorney. When your doctor or a negligent healthcare professional fails to provide you adequate care, schedule a meeting with a Sarasota medical malpractice lawyer at our firm.

What Qualifies as Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice results from doctors or other healthcare professionals causing bodily harm by breaching the legal duty of care they owe their patients. In these cases, the physician provided care below the acceptable standard or deviated from the usual standards of treatment that other physicians would have provided in the same situation. The claim must establish to the court that the doctor’s divergence from the standard treatment directly caused the patient’s injuries.

Healthcare Negligence

Healthcare provider negligence happens when a physician or facility causes a patient’s injuries by failing to use reasonable care. In these cases, the injured person does not have to show evidence of a breach or deviation from the standard of care. Instead, the lawsuit must prove that the healthcare professional’s lack of reasonable care caused the damage. As a knowledgeable attorney in Sarasota can explain, there are many legal avenues to pursue a settlement for damages in all types of medical malpractice cases.

Examples of Medical Malpractice Cases

When a provider’s actions do not meet the legal standard, the injured party could have cause to file a lawsuit for damages against the liable party. Some examples of medical malpractice include:

  • Misdiagnosis, delay in diagnosis, or failure to diagnosis
  • Errors in reading or interpreting laboratory results
  • Surgical or anesthesia errors
  • Incorrect medication or unnecessary procedures
  • Birth injuries
  • Hospital or other healthcare facility errors

After reviewing the specifics of a healthcare malpractice case, a Sarasota lawyer could determine how the injury occurred and who is responsible for it.

Pre-Suit Requirements in Florida

Understanding pre-suit requirements for filing medical malpractice lawsuits in Florida is crucial. Per the instruction of Florida Statutes § 766.104, parties cannot commence legal action until an experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Sarasota completes an appropriate investigation to determine that the injured patient has grounds for the claim.

The initial petition must include a completed certificate of counsel stating that their investigation and case review justifies establishing the claim. They can also include an affidavit with a medical expert’s written opinion, but it is not required. These affidavits are not subject to discovery by the other party but can help establish cause for the case.

Schedule a Consultation Today With a Skilled Medical Malpractice Attorney in Sarasota

Nobody expects to suffer harm at the hands of a surgeon, doctor, or other healthcare provider because of negligence or subpar medical treatments. Not only can these events result in severe life-threatening or fatal bodily harm, but psychological injuries can be ongoing and require years of therapy.

You have the legal right to pursue compensation from the liable party when you sustain damages at the hands of a medical care provider or facility. Speak with a seasoned Sarasota medical malpractice lawyer today to discuss your case.

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