Nearly every driver knows that phones are distracting, yet countless drivers are in car accidents because of distracted driving. Unfortunately, catastrophic collisions can happen when a driver glances at their phone for even a second. Texting while driving adds unnecessary risks to an already dangerous activity and puts others in jeopardy of suffering severe injuries or even death. As a result, legislation has been passed across the country, imposing legal consequences for texting while driving.

If you or a loved one suffers injuries in a car wreck because of a texting driver, seeking legal help is crucial. Do not hesitate to contact a legal professional with experience handling texting while driving car accidents in Sarasota to help you navigate the local legal system. We understand how to handle these cases and will fight to recover the full value of your damages.

Texting and Driving Laws in Sarasota

Texting while driving is a primary offense in Florida. Law enforcement can pull drivers over and issue citations to them for using a phone behind the wheel, which includes texting or emailing. The police can issue a citation even if they suspect a driver was texting.

Texting while a vehicle is moving is illegal, but using handheld electronic devices is allowed for limited reasons: motorists can use their devices for navigation, making calls, and reading emergency messages.

A first violation of the texting law carries a $30 fine and court fees. A $60 fine accompanies a second violation, court costs and other fees, and three points on a driver’s license.

The law prohibits using wireless devices when the driver is in a designated school crossing, school zone, or construction zone. A first offense for using a phone in these areas carries penalties, such as additional points on the driver’s license. To avoid fines and license penalties, first-time offenders of the texting law can buy hands-free Bluetooth devices, present proof of purchase, and finish a driving safety education class.

An experienced lawyer can explain applicable laws and collect evidence proving that a texting driver caused a motor vehicle collision.

Recoverable Damages in a Texting While Driving Car Crash Case

An injured person has the right to seek payment from an at-fault party for any damages they suffer in a collision. These damages can be economic or non-economic, and adequately measuring those damages can be challenging.

Economic damages are actual financial losses the injured person experienced from the car accident. These damages include past and future medical bills, costs associated with repairing or replacing any property damaged in the accident, lost wages, and the loss of the ability to earn money in the future. Non-economic damages are compensation for subjective losses that do not necessarily have a fixed value. Examples of non-economic damages include pain and suffering, disfigurement, mental or emotional distress, and the loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life.

A diligent attorney in Sarasota can work to prove the full extent of an injured person’s damages and demand fair and just compensation for the full value of those losses and damages.

Proving Fault

Evidence is essential in proving the other party’s fault. It is important to take photos of the accident scene and collect witness contact information when possible. Police reports and complete medical records are also crucial pieces of evidence. Evidence of the other driver texting while driving can be pivotal for the success of the case and can impact the compensation an injured party receives.

Hire a Capable Attorney in Sarasota After a Texting While Driving Car Accident

Every motor vehicle crash is different and presents its own unique challenges. Fortunately, you do not have to face the legal system alone. Discussing the details of your texting while driving car accident in Sarasota with an empathetic lawyer can help you figure out a path forward. Call our office today for a free personal consultation.

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