Having another driver hit your car is bad enough. It is even worse when they take off without leaving their contact or insurance information. Unfortunately, Sarasota is a busy, with lots of cars on the road and big, unattended parking lots. This means that hit and run car accidents in Sarasota are all too common.

Anyone who suffers losses after a hit and run car accident should contact Dannheisser Injury Law today for a free consultation. Our car crash attorneys can help investigate your accident to determine liability, argue your case in court, or negotiate for a settlement with the insurance company on your behalf.

State Laws Relating to Hit and Run Accidents

There are several laws relating to hit and run accidents. Florida Statute 316.027 requires drivers to stay at the scene of an accident until they have fulfilled their legal obligations, including exchanging contact information, aiding the injured, and reporting the accident to the police. F.S. 316.062 specifies what contact information these drivers must provide and F.S. 316.061 indicates what aid must be rendered to accident victims. Failure to comply with the statutory obligations constitute violations of law and evidence of the at fault driver’s negligence.

The state also follows the comparative negligence model. When a jury finds an injured person is more than 50% at fault for a wreck, they cannot recover any monetary damages. When the jury finds the person less than 50% at fault, the court reduces the compensation by the percentage of fault. A seasoned Sarasota lawyer from Dannheisser Injury Law can advise on the full range of applicable laws based on the facts of a hit and run accident.

Finding the Hit and Run Driver

The main issue in any hit and run case in Sarasota is finding the driver who caused the accident. A skilled lawyer could investigate to try and find this information out. Such an investigation include:

  • Investigating the accident scene
  • Speaking with eyewitnesses
  • Scrutinizing existing evidence, such as photos and the police report
  • Seeking video footage from traffic signal devices and surrounding businesses and homes
  • Consulting vehicle registration records and social media pages
  • Employing our investigators to hunt down and locate the offending hit and run driver

Dannheisser Injury Law knows how to value cases accurately based on the injuries suffered. Our lawyers will not accept the lowball settlement offers insurance representatives too often attempt to convince injured persons to accept. When an insurance company fails to tender a sufficient settlement offer, it is imperative that your attorneys are able to prepare you and your case for trial. Our client’s injuries are personal to each and every one, and we build personal relationships with our clients to ensure our ability to maximize recovery of the full value of their losses.

Contact a Sarasota Attorney After a Hit and Run Car Accident

Being involved in a hit and run car collision is devastating. It is difficult to face the legal system or insurance process on your own. The good news is you do not have to do this alone.

Our experienced trial lawyers are available for a free consultation to discuss your hit and run car accidents in Sarasota and help you move forward and recover the monetary damages you need to restore your life. Call Dannheisser Injury Law today to learn more about your legal options.

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