Experiencing a paralysis injury can change every aspect of your life. When you suffer a paralysis injury in an accident that another person caused, you could be entitled to monetary damages; however, you will likely face aggressive defense counsel and insurance carriers to collect the money you deserve.

A trial-ready Sarasota paralysis injury lawyer could use their experience to evaluate settlement offers and build a strategic case against the at-fault party. Call our hardworking catastrophic injury attorneys today to schedule a consultation.

How Does Paralysis Happen?

Paralysis can result from various injuries, such as head, neck, or spine trauma. Some potential ways a paralysis injury could occur include the following:

Paralysis injuries resulting from these accidents could be temporary or permanent, and they could also be complete, affecting the injured person’s entire body, or incomplete, affecting only specific extremities like the injured person’s arms or legs. The quality of a paralyzed person’s life will depend on the type of injury they suffer from.

When a paralysis injury happens because of the acts or omissions of others, compensation could be available under Florida’s personal injury laws. This compensation could provide the injured person and their family financial stability. A knowledgeable attorney in Sarasota could evaluate the circumstances of a paralysis injury and demand the maximum compensation possible.

Who is Responsible for a Paralysis Injury?

The party responsible for a person’s paralysis injury depends on the events leading up to the incident. Fault for a motor vehicle accident could belong to another driver, while a negligent driver’s employer could be responsible if the accident occurred when the driver was on the clock.

Paralysis Injury

Sarasota landowners, or those possessing real property, could also be liable for paralysis injuries under Florida’s premises liability laws. This could apply in cases where a dangerous condition on someone’s property causes an incident. Property owners have a general duty of care to visitors to protect and warn against these conditions; however, the obligation to the visitor depends on their relationship with the owner.

For example, the duties owed to a business’s customer are different than those owed to a trespasser. Florida law 768.075 protects landowners from liability for injuries to trespassers in certain situations.

Medical Malpractice

Paralysis injuries can also happen during care from doctors and other medical professionals. Medical procedures can lead to accidental injury because of inadequate supplies or staff, improper techniques, and other deviations from the standard of professional care. In this case, liability could belong to a single doctor during surgery or to an entire hospital. A Sarasota lawyer could determine who caused the paralyzing injury and build a case against them.

Filing a Legal Claim for Compensation with a Sarasota Paralysis Injury Lawyer

A Sarasota paralysis injury lawyer could begin seeking compensation for your injuries with an initial review of the facts of the case since many factors can delay your financial recovery.

Determining the potential for legal action as soon as possible after a paralysis injury is important for preserving your rights to file a claim. Florida’s statute of limitations imposes strict deadlines for initiating a lawsuit in court for claims of personal injury, which include paralysis. That deadline is usually two years, but it could be longer in medical malpractice cases involving fraud. Call our office today to meet with our legal team members.

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