Head injuries are devastating, but traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can completely alter your life if you do not receive proper care. The long-term cost of treating a TBI can easily overwhelm people and their loved ones. When another person was to blame for your head injury, you could pursue a claim against them. As Sarasota traumatic brain injury lawyers, we have helped countless clients recover the compensation they need and deserve after sustaining an injury.

At Dannheisser Injury Law, we prioritize the attorney-client relationship. Our clients come to us in devastating circumstances, and we ensure you receive the care and support you need. We are a family law firm and understand the impact a severe injury can have on people and their families. As compassionate catastrophic injury attorneys, we are ready to meet with you and discuss the circumstances of your case.

Complications Caused by Traumatic Brain Injuries

There are many ways a person could sustain a TBI. However, most often, as Sarasota lawyers, our clients with TBI were involved in a major car accident. It is not uncommon for people to sustain head trauma during sports accidents, slips and falls, and other similar incidents. A TBI occurs when the brain collides with the inside of a person’s skull due to impact, causing bruising, bleeding, or tearing. In the most extreme cases, a person’s skull can be fractured, exposing their brain to damage.

The long-term impact of a brain injury can be concerning. While some head injuries resolve quickly, more severe cases can cause long-term risks and cognitive impairments like seizures, memory loss, nerve damage, blood clots, stroke, and infections of the brain. Some people with TBI sustain physical complications like paralysis. As more time passes, the likelihood of these complications decreases, but the effects of a head injury can follow someone for years. When a TBI requires long-term care, the person must obtain the compensation they need to afford treatment.

Process for Recovering Compensation for a TBI

When you or a loved one sustained a TBI, navigating the aftermath on your own can be challenging. Not only do people and their families need to focus on their recovery, but the burden of medical bills and negotiations with insurance companies can be overwhelming.

When you hire our experienced attorneys from Dannheisser Injury Law, we can relieve some of this burden. Our Sarasota lawyers can review how the traumatic head injury will impact your life and ensure your medical care and lost wages are reimbursed. We can also develop a litigation strategy to prove liability against the person responsible and handle negotiations with their insurance company. If the settlement offer is insufficient, we are not afraid to take the case to trial.

Modified Comparative Negligence

According to Florida’s modified comparative negligence system, an injured person cannot recover compensation if they are more than 50 percent responsible for causing their injuries. Those who are less than 50 percent at fault can recover compensation but are not entitled to total damages. Their monetary award will be reduced based on their percentage of fault. Depending on the case, a judge or jury decides the parties’ respective share of the blame.

Call a Sarasota Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney for Assistance

After a traumatic head injury, your life can change forever. It can impact your daily routine, personal relationships, and future goals. When you hire our Sarasota traumatic brain injury lawyers to represent you, we will work hard to support you through this difficult time.

At Dannheisser Injury Law, we pride ourselves on our client relationship. We are a law firm, not a factory; your case matters. We aim to be available to clients at any hour regarding their case. We understand how personal injury accidents and similar tragedies can impact families. If you sustained a TBI or other head injury due to another person’s negligence, we can help. Contact our office for assistance today.

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