Drivers of large commercial trucks cannot always see other vehicles, people, or objects around them. The blind spots on a tractor-trailer truck are much larger than those on a passenger vehicle. Truck drivers have to account for blind spots that extend up to twenty feet in front of them and thirty feet behind. Although truck drivers receive substantial training, accidents happen.

When you are hurt in a collision with an 18-wheeler, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and losses related to the crash. A seasoned truck accident attorney at Dannheisser Injury Law can help you recover your damages. Our legal professionals have experience seeking compensation for those injured in blind-spot truck accidents in Sarasota and are able to negotiate with insurance adjusters on your behalf as well as bring your case to trial if the insurance company does not extend to you an appropriate settlement. We prioritize our relationships with clients and aim to be available 24/7. To learn more about your options for financial recovery, contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation.

What Are Blind-Spot Truck Accidents?

A blind spot is the area of a vehicle that is not visible to the driver when using their side or rearview mirrors. Truckers who drive large commercial trucks have significant blind spots in the vehicle’s front, side, and back. The most common blind spots truckers deal with are:

The Front of the Truck

Vehicles on the road directly in front of a semi-truck are not always visible to the truck driver.

Behind the Truck

Vehicles within thirty feet of the back of a truck are likely not visible to the trucker.

From Behind the Truck Driver’s Door to the Back of the Truck

Drivers who are in the left lane next to a large truck are likely in their blind spot.

From the Right Side of the Cab to the Back of the Truck

Vehicles on the road in the right lanes may not be visible to the truck driver.

Truckers are trained to identify vehicles that could enter their blind spots to avoid collisions. It is crucial for truck drivers to exercise caution on the roadways to protect other motorists. Likewise, trucking companies must thoroughly scrutinize their potential drivers to ensure they are fit for driving, provide proper training, and ensure the trucks are up to date on maintenance.

When driving near a large truck, it is likely that the driver cannot see your vehicle, which increases the risk of collision. If you were involved in a blind-spot truck wreck in Sarasota, talk to a caring attorney at Dannheisser Injury Law about your options for financial recovery.

Liability in Blind-Spot Truck Collisions

In many cases, blind-spot truck crashes are caused by negligence. When a truck driver does not have the appropriate training or qualifications or if they are distracted, tired, or impaired from drinking alcohol or taking drugs, it can have serious consequences. But make no mistake, truck companies are also responsible for their driver’s actions. They must ensure proper training, breaks between shifts, and check that trucks have proper avoidance technology to protect motorists.

Depending on what causes a specific crash, the trucker or their employer could be legally responsible. If a trucker or their employer acts negligently and another motorist is injured, the injured person can seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Be sure to consult a skilled lawyer in Sarasota about proving a case for negligence after a blind-spot truck accident.

Speak to a Sarasota Blind-Spot Truck Accident Attorney

When you are injured in a blind-spot truck accident in Sarasota, you should speak to a local attorney right away. When you hire the legal team at Dannheisser Injury Law to handle your case, you benefit from their knowledge and expertise. We have helped countless people like you recover compensation for their injuries caused by someone else’s negligence.

Truck accident litigation can involve complex liability issues, but a proactive attorney can gather evidence to build a strong claim. After a blind-spot truck collision, you can incur significant losses due to your medical bills, lost income, and other related expenses. Do not hesitate to contact our office if you are considering legal action after being involved in a traumatic accident. We are available 24/7 and are ready to help you seek the justice you deserve. Call us for your free consultation.

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