Greatness does not come easy. It does not come without challenges. As Americans we have always together stood tall to all challenges. Come rain or come shine, in the darkest of nights and in the brightest of days, Americans have always been and will always be the beacon of greatness in a world of challenges.

Now that our election season has come to its end, I believe that this is not the month to devote Case In Point to law. It is a time to remember that we are not red nor are we blue but, in the end, we are and have always been Americans and above all Americans stand for greatness.

To find the greatness of Americans we need look no further than our own communities. In Sarasota and Manatee counties every day Americans, red and blue together, take on the challenges of making better our communities – Greatness. We take on the challenges of making better the lives of those around us – Greatness.

This Case In Point gives tribute to some American greatness going on right now, right here in our communities. Americans get involved.

This edition of Case In Point is dedicated to some  great events in our own community, events that we can all support as we continue to show the world why America is the model for greatness.


A really special event and, by the way chaired and hosted by my wife Debbie (the heart and soul of our family) and J.P. Morgan Chase. A link to this event is attached. The monies raised are used for the benefit of Sarasota county homeless students and children in shelter and foster care during the holiday season.

And the event includes a great luncheon provided by Michael’s On East restaurant, an unbelievable fashion show, holiday gift shopping, and a children’s choir performance.

A great example of America being great and having fun doing it.

Check out the link



The Sarasota Y Safe Children Coalition is operating it’s 2012 annual Foster Angel program. The monies raised provide Christmas gifts to the most vulnerable children in Sarasota, Manatee, and Desoto counties.

For more years than I can recall this program has provided Christmas presents to children who, but for the compassion of our community, would have no Christmas.

Again, Americans showing greatness.

Check out the link


This event is scheduled for April but it is never too early to be great.

Children First provides indispensable food, care, and preschool training to impoverished children throughout Sarasota County. A true difference maker and another example of Americans being great.


Earlier this year the community lost Yvette Robison, a wonderful woman who contributed greatness in our community. Yvette was nearly single-handedly responsible for the creation and growth of the Newtown Community Library.

Last year at Thanksgiving Yvette offered her library as the base for the annual Sarasota Y Babe Weiler branch Thanksgiving turkey dinner project. For years the Y has delivered Thanksgiving turkey dinners to families who would otherwise have no Thanksgiving meal.

This year the event is being held on November 17 and in honor of Yvette Robison, an American committed to greatness.

This year the monies raised will provide Thanksgiving turkey dinners to over 100 families in need,

Americans being great.

In Appreciation From My Family And Firm To You For Your Contribution To American Greatness. 

Dan Dannheisser

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