Brain injuries are predictable outcomes of motor vehicle collisions but are too frequently overlooked.  The brain floats in fluid within the skull.  Auto collision impacts cause abrupt change in acceleration or deceleration and thrust the brain forward and backward striking against the inside of the skull.  The impacted portion of the brain is bruised and bleeding. In more serious cases, the brain’s sensory and motor neurons are destroyed.

According to the Center for Disease Control an estimated 5.3 million Americans currently live with disabilities resulting from traumatic brain injuries, and motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of these injuries.  Severe traumatic brain injuries lead to a myriad of tragic and permanent losses including paralysis and loss of ability to think, speak or see.  The more severe injuries are obvious and almost always diagnosed.  However, more moderate traumatic brain injuries are not  as obvious and are frequently not diagnosed.  Even moderate and mild brain injuries produce neurobehavioral impairments including more subtle loss of cognitive abilities (memory, concentration, problem solving), altered moods or personality (depression, anxiety, irritability), chronic headaches and pain, and fatigue.  Children suffering even mild to moderate brain injuries are four to five times more likely to experience future behavioral disorders.

Traumatic brain injuries expose both children and adults to life changing long term damages.
Early medical and neuropsychological care are vital to the patient’s ultimate medical outcome.   It is vital as well to select a law firm that understands the complexity of brain injuries and is prepared to secure the financial security that brain injured clients need for the remainder of their lives.

A Thanksgiving to Remember
On Sunday, November 24th, the YMCA Foundation’s Community Coalition for Children – under the leadership of Chair Dan Dannheisser—distributed complete Thanksgiving dinners to families in need throughout the Newtown Community. In 2012, the Coalition distributed 127 dinners. This year, the group provided 260, thanks largely to the support and efforts of the wonderful volunteers.

“Debbie and Dan are equal in their passion for the Y and what they’re willing to do to help our children and families. Whether they’re organizing volunteers for a project, chairing a fundraising initiative or inviting friends into the Y, they’ve done it all and more. I’m not sure they realize how many people they have inspired.” – Jennifer Grondahl, President YMCA Foundation of Sarasota, INC.

Art & Soul III
“Home is Where the Heart Is”

Held at the Bird Key Yacht Club on Tuesday, November 19, 2013, this exciting evening of food, wine and exceptional artistic company helped benefit the efforts of the YMCA Foundation’s Community Coalition for Children, where Dan serves as the Chair.

Guests had the opportunity to view and purchase a showcase selection of art by Debbie Dannheisser, Betty Menell, Janice Schmidt and Josefina Villagomez de Filotas.

From My Family And Firm To You,

Dan Dannheisser

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