What are my damages? What is my case worth?

Evaluation of a personal injury claim requires careful analysis consideration of many issues. Firstly, we must establish liability, i.e., prove that the defendant is at fault.

Plaintiffs in personal injury cases suffer both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include the medical bills that you have incurred as well as the projected cost of your future medical care. Economic damages also include things such as past and future loss of wages and earning capacity. Noneconomic damages include losses such as physical and mental pain, disability, disfigurement, and loss of capacity to enjoy life. Injuries affect your life in many many ways, and you are entitled to be compensated for every aspect of your life that has been changed or diminished.

As experienced injury trial lawyers, we are familiar with the hiring of experts and preparation of demonstrative exhibits that are necessary to clearly and passionately explain your case and convince a jury of the significance of your damages. The outcome of your trial depends on many legal skills, including how well your lawyer is able to investigate the facts of your case, question witnesses, identify necessary experts, and present evidence to the jury.

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