What are the most common personal injury cases?

The most common personal injury examples include car accidents, slips and falls, medical malpractice and defective products. In each of these personal injury examples, the responsible party must be held accountable. On the Suncoast, our experienced attorneys encounter clients who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones when and where they’ve least expected those situations to happen.

At Dannheisser Injury Law, our expertise is across the board and includes personal injury examples such as boating accident injuries, motorcycle collisions, pedestrian accident injuries, traumatic brain injuries and more. If you’ve been injured because of another person or company’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation for an extensive list of damages, including your past and future medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering in your loss of capacity for the enjoyment of your life. We, as longtime local personal injury attorneys, are always ready to guide you in getting your life back.

What is a major personal injury?

Personal injuries affect everyone differently. Often, personal injury examples that are considered “major” speak for themselves.

A traumatic brain injury, a loss of a limb and the death of a family member cause devastation to everyone’s lives. However, just because an injury is not to the brain or does not result in the loss of a limb or a life, that injury can still producing major and life-altering consequences for a person. Our legal experts at Dannheisser Injury Law listen to our clients’ stories, and we ultimately offer the best advice possible to guide them toward peace of mind and the maximum amount of compensation.

There are many types of injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, spine injuries, tearing of muscles and ligaments affecting the function of shoulders, hips and knees, traumatic stretching and tearing of nerves and discs and more. With many personal injury examples, an in-depth understanding of anatomy and neurology and access to the best physicians and engineers are necessary to demonstrate the extent of your injury to your jury.

What is personal injury in the workplace?

Many personal injury examples in the workplace fall under the Florida Worker Compensation. Statute. If your personal injury is caused by the negligence of your employer or a statutory employee, you may be precluded by statute from bringing a lawsuit and may be limited to the benefits prescribed by the terms of that statute. However, if these workplace injuries are caused by someone other than an employer or statutory employee, you may have the right to file a lawsuit. In that instance you would have the right to recover your full range of damages – including damages relating to medical care expenses, wage loss, pain and disability.

At Dannheisser Injury Law, our longtime personal injury attorneys have handled an array of these cases and a variety of personal injury examples. Personal injury examples in the workplace, can include physical injuries, psychological injuries and even death. These injuries can be the result of slips, trips and falls, being hit by falling objects, machinery or equipment injuries, exposure to hazardous materials, repetitive strains and back injuries, and more.

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All injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay no lawyer fee for our representation until you receive compensation for your injuries and damages.

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