Trust. Experience. Personal Attention.
Everything you deserve in a personal injury lawyer.

When you hire a attorney you need a lawyer who has real trial experience and consistently delivers superior results. You need a lawyer who you can trust… one who personally helps you. These are some of the cases where we have obtained significant monetary awards for our clients.

Large Money Verdicts and Settlements Obtained for Clients:

  1. Staczewski v Pan American Airlines
    [Inadequate Security Negligence – Wrongful Death]
  2. Starczewski v Lybian National Republic
    [Inadequate Security Negligence – Wrongful Death]
  3. Ridenour v McDonalds Corp
    [Inadequate Security Negligence – Brain Injury]
  4. Calhoun v Laidlaw Transit Company
    [Motor Vehicle / Bus Negligence – Brain Injury]
  5. Gerth v Wilson
    [Construction Negligence – Wrongful Death]
  6. Mitchell v Doctors Hospital of Sarasota et al.
    [Medical Negligence – Brain Injury]
  7. Estate of Mary Beth Cobbler v Avis Budget Car Rental LLC
    {Motor Vehicle Negligence – Wrongful Death]
  8. Estate of Steven Witzer v Hildebrand
    {Motor Vehicle Negligence – Wrongful Death]
  9. DeCiccio v Ciccone
    [Motor Vehicle Negligence – Serious Bodily Injury]
  10. Smith v Gartenberg
    [Dangerous Animal Negligence – Serious Bodily Injury]
  11. Williams v Manatee Glens Hospital
    [Insufficient Security Negligence – Serious Injuries from Sexual Assault]
  12. Cunningham v McDonald and Burquist
    [Inadequate Security Negligence – Wrongful Death]
  13. Mendolera v Allstate Insurance Company
    [Motor Vehicle Negligence – Serious Bodily Injury]
  14. Carney v Callahan
    [Motor Vehicle Negligence – Serious Bodily Injury]
  15. Palmer v Brickhouse
    [Inadequate Supervision – Wrongful Death]
  16. Manns v Allstate Insurance
    [Motor Vehicle Negligence – Wrongful Death]
  17. Sutherland v Goff Communications, Kenco Southwest
    [Premises Liability Negligence – Serious Bodily Injury]
  18. Wolfe v Day
    [Motor Vehicle Negligence – Paralysis]
  19. Rita v Charliotte County
    [Medical and Law Enforcement Negligence – Brain Injury]
  20. Manns v Bush
    [Motor Vehicle Negligence – Wrongful Death]
  21. Robinson v Lee Company of Tennessee
    [Motor Vehicle Negligence – Spine Injury]
  22. Berger v Sagalow
    [Boating Negligence – Serious Bodily Injury]
  23. Grames v Kraft Construction
    [Insufficient Safety Measures – Serious Neurological Injuries]
  24. Fugere v Cook
    [Negligent Cattle Security – Wrongful Death]
  25. Okabe v Senenoi
    [Motor Vehicle Negligence – Serious Personal Injury]
  26. Watton v Fletcher
    [House Party Negligence – Serious Personal Injury]
  27. Aldred v Whitely
    [Motor Vehicle Negligence – Serious Personal Injury]

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