You may prioritize the maintenance of your motorcycle but still be injured in an accident because it had an inherent design or manufacturing flaw. Although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issues recalls that alert you to product flaws, you may also be entitled to collect compensation if a defective product injures you.

When your motorcycle is subject to design or manufacturing flaws, or you were not warned about a dangerous condition, you have a right to pursue justice. The experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at Dannheisser Injury Law stay informed about motorcycle defects and recalls in Sarasota and can fight for your right to compensation.

Informing Motorcyclists About Defects

The NHTSA publishes recalls and defects that Sarasota residents can access in several ways. For example, the American Honda Motorcycle Company, Inc. issued a recall for the Honda GL1800 motorcycle through a service bulletin because of faulty fuel pumps. Manufacturers must inform purchasers about:

  • What the defect is
  • What happened to prompt a recall
  • The time anticipated to correct the defect
  • The motorcycle model numbers or issue-specific equipment
  • Instructions about how and where the manufacturer will correct the defect

Along with a blanket recall notice, manufacturers generally access Florida vehicle registration data and sales records to identify purchasers whom they then reasonably attempt to notify personally. Distributors of defective parts are also notified.

Defective Motorcycles and Lawsuits

Manufacturers under the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966 must repair defective motorcycles for free once they alert the owners. Failing to repair defective motorcycles leads to injuries. If the injuries are caused by the faulty bike, the motorcyclist has grounds to file a product liability lawsuit and should seek help from the experienced legal team at Dannheisser Injury Law for help pursuing damages.

Product Liability Lawsuits

Injury attorneys present defective product cases under doctrines of negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty.


Negligence occurs when a motorcycle manufacturer or designer neglects their duty to produce a safe product because they act carelessly or fail to ensure the vehicle’s safety. When those actions foreseeably cause injuries, the person harmed can be compensated.

Strict Liability

Products can be defective even if the manufacturer was not negligent. If a motorcycle is bought from a dealer, not secondhand, lawsuits can be filed under strict liability, which helps prove it was defective when it left the factory.

Breach of Warranty

Manufacturers who offer specific claims about their products express warranties, and an implied warranty means the buyer assumes the motorcycle is safe and will operate as expected. Injured motorcyclists may be entitled to compensation if the bike does not live up to the warranties. Motorcyclists injured because of a motorcycle defect before a recall in Sarasota should speak with our well-practiced attorney for expert guidance.

Our Sarasota Attorneys Could Help You Pursue Damages After an Injury From a Motorcycle Defect and Recall

You expect the motorcycle you purchase to function correctly and safely. When the manufacturer or distributor becomes aware of an issue for a motorcycle defect and recall in Sarasota, they must alert owners, and you may be owed compensation.

Our skilled attorneys at Dannheisser Injury Law can help you pursue damages. Contact our firm today to set up an initial consultation at your convenience to explore your options.

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