What are my first steps if I am in an auto accident?

Do Not Leave the Scene – Do not leave the scene until law enforcement or medical help arrives. If you have hit a parked car, leave a note and an explanation along with your address and phone number.

Seek Medical Help – If you and/or anyone else were injured, seek medical help immediately. If you know first aid and can help the injured, do so. You may drive an injured party to medical aid. If the injured is in danger by remaining where they are, move them out of harm’s way.

Gather Information – Get the name and address of the other driver, his/her address, driver’s license number with expiration date, birth date and telephone numbers (office and home.)
Get the vehicle registration number, the name of the owner of the vehicle if not the driver, insurance company and the names and addresses of any passengers.

Identify Witnesses – If you are aware of witnesses get their identification information. If they drive off before you speak with them, try to get their license plate number.

Signing Ticket Not an Admission of Guilt – If a law enforcement officer issues you a traffic ticket at an accident scene, sign and accept it. It is not an admission of guilt. Contact your lawyer before you pay any fine or appear in court.

Photograph the Damage
Make sure that photos of the damage to both cars are obtained before either car is repaired.

Write: How It Happened
Write as you remember them. Include the date, time, location, road conditions and weather conditions.

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