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When it comes to evaluating a lawyer, previous clients are often the best source. After all, they’ve put their faith in that lawyer and trusted him or her to resolve their legal issues. They can tell you firsthand about the lawyer’s strengths, or about any possible shortcomings they experienced. Plus, they can tell you perhaps the most telling sign of a good lawyer – results. Take a look below and read for yourself what our clients have to say about us.

Not Just The Best Attorney...Dan is A Great Man!
I hired Dan during the most difficult time in my life. Not only did he provide excellent legal advice, he also guided me through drama that ensued and reminded me to "rise above" the nonsense. His common sense, decency, and extensive knowledge about the law combine to make him the perfect attorney. Had it not been for him, I may have sunk to the level of those seeking to harm me which would caused me ongoing pain. Dan is an upstanding, outstanding person who I will always hold on my highest pedestal.
Simply the Best
My experience with Mr. Danheisser was truly above and beyond what I expected. He is highly professional, an excellent communicator, cautiously thorough, dedicated, ethical, and honest. If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer and you want someone you can trust, someone who will represent your best interests, and someone who will swing the bat for you without backing down, then choose Dan to fight for you.
Mr Danheisser helped with an auto accident. He is an excellent attorney, he took care of every aspect and relieved me of all the stress. He took care of the auto ins. as well as all the medical ins. My job consisted of getting my surgery and trying to heal. I would highly recommend Mr. Dannheisser for any legal situation. He is a caring and honest attorney and totally takes care of his clients, he also has an excellent staff.
I was in an automobile accident and suffered back/neck injuries. I was an avid exerciser and could no longer do all the activities I once enjoyed. I do not take pain medication so I only did physical therapy and at home exercises which the insurance company tried to use against me. Dan got me the full settlement without going to court.
Dan was there when we needed him. I highly recommend anyone who needs a personal injury attorney take the time to talk to him.
Says what he does, does what he says...
Dan is a nice guy and a great lawyer. He was able to really help us. He doesn't over promise but he does deliver! He is upfront and straight with you and tell it like it is, he doesn't sugar coat things. He calls you back and his staff is excellent and always available. I consider him among the best. I'm very very happy with his work.
Dan Dannheisser is the BOMB!!!! HIRE HIM!!!
You will never regret!! Dan Dannheisser was the consummate professional throughout our lawsuit! He was ahead of the game from start to finish. He hired the top of the top professionals to investigate our lawsuit using drone photographers and best of the best to find out all the information about the codes violations of those involved with my husband's injury...
Donna Tisdale
Trustworthy, Proven Success
I first contacted Dan about two years ago seeking legal advice on a specific matter. Since then I've retained his firm on various civil matters. He's incredibly smart and candid. I plan to continue utilizing his expertise and wealth of experience.
I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Mr. Dan Dannheisser personally and professionally for 15 years. His character, compassion and knowledge of the law are second to none. Quite simply he is the best in the business!
Leonard Skogland
I was incredibly appreciative of the advice and representation that Dan has given me. Many attorneys have tried to encourage me to use them. Dan is the attorney that we recommend.
Kay Stump
I have been represented by Dan Dannheisser on many issues for 20 years. I must say, he is a win, win attorney!! on all occasions, he grabbed the bull by the horns, got the issues involved. Dan gets the job done, he has a heart and understand your feelings. He is a bulldog in the courtroom, pulls no punches, and knows his stuff. He never backs off or backs down. He is absolutely the best.
Ron Litzell
Dan and his staff took care of me and guided me through a very tough time: medical issues, multiple insurance claims, tons of documentation. He was patient, caring, kind, and above all honest. He did not make huge promises, did not over exaggerate, and helped me walk away with a reasonable settlement. He works hard, returns calls, does not delay, and is very very good at his job. If I still needed to call him, I would and could. I’d go back to him, and have recommended him multiple times. I’m very grateful he was recommended to me.
Christina Britton
Dan is my attorney right now. I was involved in a horrible car accident and have gone through surgeries. Without Dan I don’t know what I would’ve done. Thank you so much.
For years Dan has represented my family and so many challenging situations and, time after time, he has helped us with his aggressive and expert abilities.
Mr. Dannheisser is someone that I trust and respect... If you need a lawyer, someone that's there for you and a friend call Dan.
Lisa Mitchell
Dan provided expertise with my situation and handled it in a timely and professional manner. They will always be my top choice referral for the Sarasota area.
Brett McCabe